Love on the Line

The Edge Series

You have two sex-hungry strangers forced into the close proximity found in a train cabin with nothing to do for several hours. Sounds like a believable premise to me ;). With just 23 pages on my reader, Love on the Line was not only a short but a fast, page-turning read as well.

The Good: I could picture Brady just as clear as day. Tall, handsome…a silver haired Clive Owen. I loved that some of his inner Dom come out. As I read, there was a closeness I could feel yet not in the usual sense. There was a closeness in the tight quarters and just a bit of awkwardness that was really demanded by this scene. I especially loved the characters’ internal dialog. To me, it’s one of the most enjoyable things about reading, getting to know a character’s inner thoughts and feelings. Ms. Madden did a superb job in both her word choice and visual descriptions. The absolute best was the twist at the end. Way to go J.M.!

The Bad: There really were no technical or grammatical errors but I had a few things I wanted to mention. At first, I was going to say that it was too short. As I gathered my thoughts to prepare and write this review however, I discovered that the length was perfect. It fit the storyline exactly - a short train trip. I was also going to tell you that there was a bit of an awkward feeling as I read it but on reflection realized that it too was perfect for the creating the right ambiance – strangers would have some awkward moments. The last negative I thought of was the language. It was kind of rough but I realized that individuals who would have this sort of pas de deux would likely speak like that. The language played a large role in creating the right atmosphere between Brady and Lorna. I am beginning to think that J.M. Madden is a creative genius!

The Snuggly: Instead of the bird being the word, the word in this book was sex and plenty of it. (And Brady thought he was going to ignore her and sleep. Yeah right! Ha!) Of course, when I use the word Snuggly, I usually mean some cuddling and true intimacy yet I did not expect any in this storyline. Pleasantly, I was wrong. Brady and Lorna did connect on an emotional level as well as a physical one. Don’t misunderstand though, what it was about. It was hot. It was intense. It was good, a tad bit kinky, somewhat mind-blowing SEX! Beware the need for a cold shower once you finish the book! Ages 18+ for sure.

All in all, I really enjoyed reading Love on the Line. It was an honest and forthright story about two human beings who connected for a brief moment. The book doesn’t try to be something that it is not and I really appreciated that too. Would I read it again? Yes, I believe I would. So, if you want a break, a breather, a sexy interlude to heat up your lunch hour, Erotica lovers you will enjoy Love on the Line.

Book Blurb for Love on the Line

Bail Bondsman Brady Frost tracked a bail jumper all the way to New York. It was a rough apprehension, and now he just wants a quiet train ride home to Florida. He’d hoped to avoid sharing his space, but when a tight little co-ed is assigned to his cabin, then propositions him, how can he say no?

Lorna McNight is ready to shake off her self-imposed sexual drought. For four years she devoted herself to attaining her degree, but she’s ready to bust loose in a graduation bash for the record books. Rugged, mature Brady appeals to her more than any of the boys she went to school with, and she wants him to give her the ride of her life on the way to Florida. Will he cooperate and leave them both with a rail tale to remember? (Heat 5 / 5K)

Night Owl Reviews Apr, 2013 4.00