What's in Your Closet

David Whitmore is fixing up a farmhouse when he meets Emily Stuart. She helps him with the fixing. Emily’s husband was killed a couple of years ago and her daughter Megan is deaf. When Megan and Emily get into a small car wreck David is the one who finds them. Luckily both Emily and Megan are unhurt. While looking through the house they stumble upon a woman’s skeleton with a Bible next to her. I’ll leave you with that bit of intrigue and not spoil the story.

I really enjoyed “What’s in Your Closet” for the characters alone. The history and mystery elements lent it that extra dash of suspense; while at the same time this book was light and full of goodness.

Book Blurb for What's in Your Closet

Rating: Sweet Contemporary
Page Count: 268 
Emily isn’t looking for love. In fact, it’s the last thing on the young widow’s mind. She’s vowed to focus solely on her daughter. With Megan’s hearing impairment, the toddler has enough to deal with without Emily bringing a new man into the picture—one who undoubtedly wouldn’t be patient with a deaf child not his own.
David doesn’t think he’s looking for love—until he meets Emily. The woman is beautiful inside and out and has a streak of determination that’s matched only by the love she pours out to her adorable daughter. But Emily won’t have anything to do with him outside of his home-decorating project…that is, until she finds an old skeleton in his closet.
Never before has finding skeletons in the closet been a good thing, but solving the mystery of David’s skeleton may just be the blessing that convinces Emily to love him forever.


Night Owl Reviews Mar, 2010 4.50