What God and Cats Know

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What God and Cats Know

Rebecca is going to help investigate the death of a part cat woman in the pride. And she is having the pride pay her because she is an outcast. She learns the victim was strangled and soon comes across Bran Hanover. He is a reporter who can help with the investigation. They start getting to know each other and eat out while they start looking for clues. Rebecca gets info from the pride and who could have done it.

Between dealing with the pride not wanting to share info and them not wanting Bran to know about them these two have got their work cut out for them. After visiting the pride she learns someone she knew also died. Finally Rebecca learns that the killer could be part cat also. And Rebecca and Bran start getting attracted to each. Lots of clues are dropped along the way and your will need to read the story to find out the whole mystery.

What God and Cats Know was a romantic story that I really enjoyed. The plot and characters drove me from page one till the conclusion. A great read.

Book Blurb for What God and Cats Know

Length: Novel

There's no such thing as a "Purr"-fect murder…

Rebecca Desjardin thought she had put her past behind her...until a dead "cat woman" appears on the front page of a local tabloid.

Street-smart and sassy, Rebecca is a survivor. Outcast from her Felis family because she can no longer change shape, she’s adapted to the world of men, and is quite capable of taking care of herself in her sometimes challenging career as a private investigator. But for her success she pays a price, her heritage, which she must keep secret at all costs.

Along for the ride, investigative reporter Brandon Hanover has his own troubled past. A photograph of the dead woman was supposedly slipped under his door, marking him as a possible suspect in the murder. Now all he wants to do is find the killer, clear his name, and get a good story…And maybe find out more about this mysterious woman he might be falling for.

Content Warning: Violence, Sexual Situations.

Night Owl Reviews Feb, 2010 4.25