Under a Canyon Moon

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Under a Canyon Moon

John Macklin is a rafting guide in Utah. He hears that Jenny Ortis, an old co-worker, is coming back to take over her uncles failing business. John is thinking that he might like to buy the business, but Jenny isn’t going to sell.

As these two get to know each other they develop deeper feelings for each other. But not everything is sunshine and roses. These two will have to go through quite a bit before they get to their Happily Ever After.

I thought this was a pretty good story. I liked the plot with the tours and the romance. I enjoyed Macklin and Jenny as they were both strong in their own right and really had great chemistry.  I also enjoyed that they took time to get to know each other and develop their relationship. They had a lot to learn about getting along. This is what I like to call a feel good story. It had a lot of heart and they build a family with lots of love. This was cute and romantic.

Book Blurb for Under a Canyon Moon

Contemporary Champagne  Rosebud
Rating: Spicy 
Page Count: 202
After a disastrous romance and the loss of her job, Jenny Ortiz expects to find a renewed sense of self in Serenity, Utah. What she does not expect to find is John Macklin (Mack), still in Serenity guiding white water rafting trips, and still as much bad news as ever. Can she salvage her uncle’s rafting business without losing her heart—once again—to Mack?
The last person Mack expects to see in Serenity is Jenny Ortiz.  When she fled nine years ago, without a word, he was determined to forget about her. Now, he remembers just how sexy—and unattainable—she is. And he’s determined to take over her business and send her back to Seattle, before she takes over his heart.

Night Owl Reviews Jun, 2010 4.25