The Saucy Celt

Sasha Adarms is a critique for the magazine Food Fantasies. She has made it her goal to have to perfect restaurant review so that she can get the Silver Spoon Recognition award. Getting the award will help forward her career, but it’s almost deadline time and she has nothing. But her luck is about to change. She is very hungry and looking for a place to eat. Luckily she has found a pizza place.

Sasha soon meets Cian Mahone. His family has owned the restaurant for quite a while. Sasha and Cian meet just before the pizza place closes. They kick it off well after spending a short time together. The question is should they start something or continue in different directions. They are at a fork in the woods. Is it path a or b…love or not?

The Saucy Celt was a good story and I enjoyed the chemistry between Sasha and Cian. The whole atmosphere invited me right in as a spectator and I got to enjoy the development of the intimacy between two, perfect for each other, people. This was a feel good story that will have you craving pizza and a good man to enjoy it with. Oh, and these two just sizzle.

Book Blurb for The Saucy Celt

Sasha Adams only has until midnight to make her deadline. She has severe jet lag, a major case of hunger and absolutely no clue how to get to her destination. Her mission is to write the perfect restaurant review in order win the prestigious Silver Spoon Reviewer Recognition Award. If she can succeed in her mission, she can help both her career and her employer, Food Fantasies Magazine.
With the clock ticking and her hunger growing, she stumbles upon a locally owned pizza parlor. Inside, she finds much more than just a hot meal. She finds someone capable of satisfying all her hungers.
Cian Mahone's family has owned their restaurant for three generations. When a sexy, American woman walks in just before closing time, he knows that it must be his lucky day. After a passionate evening together in his kitchen, she disappears from his life. Should he chase after the mysterious young woman or just savor the memories of their one night together?
Sometimes you have to get lost in order to find what you’re looking for.

Night Owl Reviews Nov, 2009 4.25