Stress Fracture

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Stress Fracture

Dub Walker is a police investigator and has been one for a long time. His present case sadly involves Mike a friend that he has known for a long time. The killer continues on his rampage. A friend named Tommy and the police are working hard to get all the evidence they can. Dub finds out that the deaths are happening because of hate. The killer is playing a gruesome game of cat and mouse with them all.

Will they be able to find the killer?

The characters in this book were great. Dub Walker in particular was one of those honorable good guys who you just want to route for. Claire, the woman he ends up starting a relationship with is a spunky woman. The plot was intriguing and pulled me in. The action scenes were chilling. The only thing that really needs a bit of work is the pacing. At times the book did slow down.

Book Blurb for Stress Fracture

When Dub Walker’s close friend Sheriff Mike Savage becomes the victim of a gruesome murder, the forensic expert is called upon to track down the serial killer who's been terrorizing the county. Having been involved in more than 100 cases of foul play and witnessed the bloody remains of rape, torture, and unthinkable mutilation, Dub thought he had seen it all—yet the killer is unlike any murderer Dub has ever encountered. Vacillating between wildly divergent personalities fueled by post traumatic stress disorder—at times calm, cold, and calculating; at others maniacal and out of control—the psychopath taunts, threatens, and outmaneuvers Dub at every turn. The stakes are suddenly elevated as Dub uncovers a deadly conspiracy tainted with unrestrained greed, corruption, and ties to the military establishment and the medical community.

Night Owl Reviews Jun, 2010 3.75