Six Degrees of Lost

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Six Degrees of Lost

Six Degrees of Lost was a good young adult read. Olive is a smart, brave and relatable character and David is believable, strong and kind. I enjoyed how both of them became friends with the help of being able to find an owner for a dog.

This plot was pretty good. I really enjoyed how they both helped each other give support with the type of families they have and their brothers being in the war.

The animals were heartwarming and cute, they were really likeable. All the characters were interesting in their own ways. The plot kept me guessing and I liked the mystery and sort of action bits. The bits of romance were sweet and added a nice romantic touch.

This was a good realistic emotional story.

Book Blurb for Six Degrees of Lost

Olive’s mother is headed to jail and her brother to join the Army, so thirteen-year-old Olive is uprooted from sunny California and dumped in Washington State like a stray. That's exactly what she feels like surrounded by her aunt’s collection of homeless dogs, cats, and horses.

Fourteen-year-old David’s future is already carved in stone. From a military family with two brothers serving overseas, he’s been pointed towards the Air Force Academy his entire life - but a rafting trip gone awry might ruin his chances.

When a runaway dog is almost hit by a car, the search for its owner leads Olive and David, two kids from entirely different backgrounds, to an unlikely bond. Will their growing attraction to each other be enough to keep Olive from a foolhardy journey to find her mother? Will David risk his family’s plans to save her?

Night Owl Reviews Dec, 2012 4.00