Road Mage

ROAD MAGE was a good urban fantasy.

CSI, Jason was interesting and I liked that he was a good person, but flawed and somewhat realistic. I enjoyed the CSI bits. The villain Paul was evil yet believable to. The action was interesting and done well and described in an exciting way that kept it interesting and was enjoyable. The bits of magic here were cool and fun to. And I liked the final show down that happened, it was done well. The only thing I wish there was more of are details, story and such. Because there seems like things are left unanswered. I think this would be a great novel to. But, I still think this was a very good book never the less.

Book Blurb for Road Mage

Jason Rodriguez is a CSI with a checkered past, struggling to live an honest life on the side of the angels. Literally. Jason is more than just a CSI, he's also a Mage. His magical powers are put to the test when he discovers that Paul Dunn, the city's most decorated officer, is actually a psychopathic Death Mage, 'solving' crimes by framing others for the murders he commits. Jason can't let Paul keep getting away with it. Paul can't let Jason keep breathing knowing what he knows.

Night Owl Reviews May, 2011 4.00