Perfect For Each Other

Perfect For Each Other is a steamy and romantic read to enjoy any evening. The characters really made this book shine. I enjoyed the way Jane Kent spun the cat into the story. From the beginning Skye and Rome do not look like they will ever be a couple, but a business trip changes all that. When they are forced to spend time with each other things clash and on the other side we have a strong love. Both the heroine Skye and the hero Rome had to learn and understand each other. They had great banter and lots of flirting. Not everything was roses from the start. It took time to come to find love. I enjoyed this caring and strong pair of characters.

Book Blurb for Perfect For Each Other

Love at first sight?

When pigs fly and the earth stops spinning!

For Skye Hagens and Rome James it was loathing at first sight. Under Skye’s stunning blonde bombshell looks beat the heart of a ball-busting man-hater as far as Rome was concerned. And Skye? Well, in her opinion, rude, insensitive, arrogant jerk didn’t even begin to cover the list of Rome’s sins.

Thank the lucky stars their lives on opposite sides of the country kept their paths from crossing too often.

Until the day destiny stepped in and their stars collided…in the form of a business trip and one needy cat. A week under the same roof with no referee in sight? One, or both, of them was going to end up in an insane asylum or jailed for murder!

But as the days pass, each finds that first impressions are often deceiving. Neither Skye nor Rome is as the other thought and the sexual chemistry both have always resented and kept a tight lid on is about to blow it’s top…in a big way!


Night Owl Reviews Sep, 2010 4.00