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This was a very good read. Faye was strong and feisty yet believably flawed to. I liked her personality and her ability’s…how she was good and kind. Nathan was strong, hot, caring and flawed. Plus he was interesting. I enjoyed how it took a while for both of them to get along and care for each other.

The plot developed well and was exciting. It kept me guessing and I enjoyed the bit of mystery. I like the supernaturalness in all. All the characters were interesting in their own ways and the action scenes were written well. I did enjoy the characters and most of the plot. I did feel one thing was incomplete and that was the ending.

If you like the supernatural along with romance, mystery, and action check out this story.

Book Blurb for Nephilim

Tattoo artist Nathan Ink is more than he seems. An angel living in secret on earth, he forces his clients to face their flaws by tattooing images of their sins on their bodies, but this glimpse into the soul often results in his clients' deaths. Although Nathan avoids the other angels, when they ask him to keep an eye on Faye, a nephilim being stalked by another of her kind, he reluctantly agrees.

The angels have kept Faye in the dark about her stalker, but to keep her close to Nathan, they've tasked her with investigating the high mortality rate of Nathan's clients. Despite her distaste for his methods, she finds herself fighting a growing attraction to Nathan, and discovering he's not a rogue after all forces her to question her own mission. When Faye learns her stalker is another nephilim who intends to use her to breed a new race of hellish beings, teaming up with Nathan may be the only way to prevent a genocide.

Contains strong language and violence.

Night Owl Reviews Jan, 2012 3.75