Midnight Secrets


Midnight Secrets is a great feel good book. It’s a bit fast, but I did enjoy many aspects of the story from the romance to the mystery. The personalities of the friends also added to the overall story feel.

Allison is very strong caring woman who is getting over the past. She is good at taking care of the kids and is staying committed to her bakery. She’s doing it almost all by herself. Miguel is a strong and interesting man. These two have a visible connection and are reliable. These are two sweet and loving people who deserve to find hot romance and Wendy Ely gives them that.

Book Blurb for Midnight Secrets

Will Miguel’s whispered midnight promises ever see the light of day?

Content with her job as small town waitress and roll of single mom, Allison believes she's better off without a man. In her opinion, all they bring is chaos - and that includes the father of her child. So why has Miguel’s arrival shaken her so badly?

It's not easy for Allison to keep Miguel a secret with someone set on shutting down her bakery and the local sheriff believing she harbors a vendetta against the town because of her tormented past.

Keeping her secrets and clearing her name just might be harder than Allison ever imagined.

Content warning; This book contains cold family situations during the day and hot nights.

Night Owl Reviews Jan, 2011 4.00