Desert Heat

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Desert Heat

This was a good book. Marie was a serious, honest and caring woman. She cared for her team and her work, plus she was brave. Darren was interesting, cute, and outgoing. He was not afraid to pursue Marie. He was also strong, fun and a bit brave in his own right. I enjoyed how they interacted with each other. It was fun to watch Darren get Marie to understand that even if they worked together it was alright to be together and of course build on their attraction. The romantic scenes were exciting and although I thought they got together a bit fast I liked how it turned out.

The other teammates were interesting characters to. I liked the mystery and action in here and it kept me guessing which was great. And the enemies were not really predictable either, which made it interesting.

Book Blurb for Desert Heat

When Marie Simco finds out that the money for her research is about to be cut, she’ll do anything to keep her lab funded. Pitted against her former professor in a race to publish on deadline, she finds herself in a desert oasis fighting sabotage, drug lords, natives and her attraction to one very hunky lab tech.

Darren Newbury is ready to follow Marie deep into the New Mexico desert if it will finally get her to acknowledge the connection between them. Determined to help her win the competition against his former employer, he fights to protect their work and break down the barriers around her heart.

Contains some graphic sensual scenes, ice water not included.

Novel (50,000 words)

Night Owl Reviews Mar, 2011 4.00