Dead Man's Hand

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Dead Man's Hand

The Caden Chronicles

Eddie Jones’ Dead Man's Hand is a really good read. This book deserves a Top Pick as it draws the reader in with great characters and the plot keeps the reader on track till the very end.

Nick is our main male character. He is a smart teenager. I enjoyed reading about his friendship with Annie, which includes a bit of romance. Overall this story was really cute. The mystery and action make this book exciting and kept me guessing. Each of the characters were interesting in their own way. Readers will enjoy the ending.

Book Blurb for Dead Man's Hand

It's All Just a Show...Right? 'This is an authentic old west ghost town, son. Around these parts the dead don't stay dead.'

Nick Caden's vacation at Deadwood Canyon Ghost Town takes a deadly turn toward trouble when the fourteen-year-old finds himself trapped in a livery stable with the infamous outlaw Jesse James. The shooter whirls, aims and... vanishes. Great theatrics, Nick thinks, except now he's alone in the hayloft with the bullet-riddled body of Billy the Kid. And by the time the sheriff arrives, the body disappears.

Soon Nick is caught in a deadly chase---from an abandoned gold mine, through forbidden buffalo hunting grounds, and across Rattlesnake Gulch. Around every turn he finds another suspect. Will Nick solve the murder? Will his parents have him committed? Or will the town's infatuation with Hollywood theatrics conceal the real truth about souls, spirits and the destiny that awaits those who die.

Night Owl Reviews Jun, 2013 4.50