Bed, Bath & Beloved

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Bed, Bath & Beloved

Annie Riker just inherited a manor called Albion house. She decides to start fixit it up and is going to turn it into a bed and breakfast. Annie has a daughter named Savannah who also plays a part in this tale.

Jack Cabrini has been hired to help out with the work. Annie and Jack form a connection and have to deal with Annie’s ex when it comes to custody. Jack has plans for Annie, Savannah and his young sister he is raising. He wants a family and with the four of them they are ready made.

I liked Annie for being strong and able to take care of Savannah. I thought the slow building of the relationship between Jack and Annie was spot on and I liked how Jack treated Savannah. This was a feel good story that will brighten your day.

Book Blurb for Bed, Bath & Beloved

Contemporary Champagne Rosebud

Rating: Spicy

Page Count: 220

When Annie Riker and her sister inherit a decrepit mansion from an unknown great-great-grandmother who struck it rich in the Klondike Gold Rush, they move to Montana to turn it into a bed and breakfast. Annie’s primary goal is to find a safe place to raise her young daughter.

Jack Cabrini, CEO of the construction company working on Albion House, is looking for a safe place to raise his young sister. He moves to Bitter Falls to handle the Riker’s renovation project himself. When he gets to know Annie and her little girl, his focus turns to building a family of four—and someday, more.

But trouble follows Annie and Jack, and they must confront life-threatening danger, and their growing attraction, head on.

Night Owl Reviews Apr, 2010 4.25