Highland Hero

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Highland Hero

Scottish Knights

In Highland Hero Amanda Scott presents a well written and a really enjoyable read. It's one of my favorite types of historical--it's set in medieval times and interwoven with actual historical figures. Without a doubt, Amanda Scott knows her history and while her heroines are not weak women they do react within the general mores of the times.

Highland Hero is the story of an honorable warrior knight tasked with the task of keeping a royal prince safe from a weak King's brother--who wants the power of the throne. It's not hard, in this time period, for a child of seven to die. If the danger of eluding Robert, Duke of Albany and Governor of the Realm and protecting James, Royal Prince and Earl of Cargill wasn't enough, Sir Ivor "Hawk" Mackintosh, finds he has an unexpected complication. Jamie's cousin, Lady Marsi Cargill, a rich heiress has stowed away disguised as a nursery maid. Now Hawk has two royals to protect against a powerful foe, Robert, Duke of Albany. Marsi is to be betrothed to the Duke's second in command. With the Duke's armies in hot pursuit of Jamie Stewart and Redmyre' armies in pursuit of his promised rich betrothed, it's a journey fraught with escalating danger--romance.

Marsi and Hawk's romance is played out against a dangerous race for safety and where one miscalculation can result in death.

If you enjoy a rich historical romance set in the Highlands, this is a book to savor.

Book Blurb for Highland Hero

Lady Marsi Cargill refuses to marry a man who wants her land rather than her love. To escape her arranged betrothal, she disguises her noble lineage and accompanies her young cousin--the future King of Scots--on a secret journey across the Highlands. Their guide is a mysterious knight known only as Hawk. Heat flares between the beautiful maid and the brooding warrior, but when Marsi's true identity is revealed, Hawk's desire gives way to fury...

Summoned by the King to guard his son, Sir Ivor "Hawk" Mackintosh now has two royals to protect. This daring, willful woman has invaded Hawk's every thought, and laid siege to his heart. Soon the solitary soldier is yearning for a life with Marsi at his side and in his bed. But as their passion grows, so too does the danger surrounding them. Powerful enemies watch their every move, and to survive, Hawk and Marsi must fight for Scotland's future-as well as their own new-found love.

Night Owl Reviews Oct, 2011 4.50