Garden of Secrets

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Garden of Secrets

Angel's Bay

This was a fun story to read. It's set in the well-developed town of Angel Bay. It has attempted murder, robbery, intrigue, and a ghost/angel stirring the plot.

Dr. Charlotte Adams has just recently returned to Angel Bay, a town filled with memories, old friends, an old flame who is still interested, and a few enemies. At the Mayor's New Year's party, his wife Theresa is seriously injured and robbed of priceless jewelry. Charlotte is the number one suspect.

Sexy Chief of police, Joe Silveira must unravel the mystery surrounding the near death of the mayor's wife and wade through the surface evidence that points to Charlotte. To complicate matters further, he has been pursuing the lovely doctor. Charlotte is torn between two men, and the return of her personal high school nemesis, Pamela, and fighting to clear herself of suspicion.

This is my type of romantic suspense, well-written and filled with small town gossip, returning characters, friends and enemies, increasing danger from a perpetrator determined not to get caught and has no second thoughts when it comes to murder. It keeps you guessing right up to the end.

Book Blurb for Garden of Secrets

Dr. Charlotte Adams is torn between two men.  Rev. Andrew Schilling is her past, a high-school romance that went drastically wrong.  But he's back in town now and part of her present -- along with newly-divorced Police Chief Joe Silviera, whom she's been powerfully attracted to for months.  The question is, which man is her future -- and Charlotte has to face and accept her past before she can build a life with Joe.

Night Owl Reviews Oct, 2011 4.00