Red-Hot Santa

Uniformly Hot! - Blaze, #652

Lori and Tony have done it again!

Jackson "Jax" Savage and Maxine "Max" McGuire have been best friends since the day Max ran away - they were seven - and Jax found her in his Grandma's barn. Max trailed Jax through school and into the Marines as "just one of the guys". They spent lots of time together when he wasn't involved with one of his serial-short-term relationships.

Though they talk often, Max hasn't seen Jax in two years. After another failed relationship, where her boyfriend accused her of "still being in love with someone else", Max has come home to face the man who's always held her heart, and determine once and for all if he's "The One", or to find a way to get over him and move on once and for all.

You get the feel from the get-go that these two have been longtime friends - the type that time and distance don't diminish - and so it makes it that much more difficult to watch them struggle to find footing in these new roles, and ultimately hurt each other and themselves, as they take one step forward and about ten steps back.

I'm generally not a fan of second chance romances and thankfully this one did not read that way. It felt more like the culmination of a lifetime indulging in foreplay. And we the lucky readers get to sit back and enjoy the fireworks.

Ingredients for a Red Hot Santa:

Take a pair of ex-marines - One, a sexy Alpha-male and the other a sassy girl-next-door that you'd trust with your life, if not your heart - throw in some explosive chemistry, A Blac-Ops gone bad, and a minefield of personal baggage. Stir in some meddling family members - who've had your collective "number" since the two of you were kids, and shake vigorously. Add a little sugar and a lot of spice, and you'll quickly realize when this Red-Hot Santa is around it's so much better to be Naughty than Nice.

Book Blurb for Red-Hot Santa

Subject: Marine Reservist Jackson Savage

Current Status: Security expert, ready for his first assignment.

Mission: Playing Santa at a local bar.

Obstacle: A woman who tempts him to be very, very naughty.

Jackson Savage is all ready to start an exciting new career at a local security agency. But for tonight, his job is to play Santa.until his good friend and co-marine Maxine "Max" McGuire sits on his lap, ready to tell him exactly what-or rather, who-she wants for Christmas!

Before long, Jackson has Max in his bed, exploring all manner of things naughty and nice. But soon, they'll have to join forces on a critical, incredibly dangerous mission. Will they be able to objectively watch each other's backs.or will memories of their naughty bedroom antics put both of their lives at risk?

Night Owl Reviews Dec, 2011 4.25