Rancher Daddy

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Rancher Daddy

Harlequin American Romance, #1390

Running from a past that cost Jenny Wyler a career and a fianc‚, she has moved to Saddlers Prairie to become the new one-room-school-house teacher. Adam Dawson lost his wife to cancer when she chose to have their baby instead of an abortion and chemo. For the past five years he's suffered from the guilt of losing his wife, and the secrets that surrounded their relationship.

Adam's daughter Abby is starting kindergarten, and so he's forced to admit that she not only doesn't speak, but according to the experts is incapable of learning. Jenny immediately sees in Abby the things that the experts have missed, and quickly becomes Abby's biggest champion.

Adam and Jenny are immediately attracted to each other. But with concerns for Abby's progress, small town gossip and fear of rejection if their secrets are discovered they fight their feelings and a relationship to the bitter end.

Both Adam and Jenny are likable characters, and Abby is adorable. The town is warm and friendly and the supporting characters are charming. We get a progress report on older brother Drew and his wife Megan. All in all this is a good snuggle-up-with-cocoa-on-a-cold-day read.

Book Blurb for Rancher Daddy

That's life lesson number one for Jenny Wyler. Which is why she's sequestered in the middle of rural Montana teaching in a one-room schoolhouse. Saddlers Prairie is good and far from the ex-fianc‚ who ran when he discovered the truth about her family. And from now on, Jenny would keep silent about her past.

But for Abby Dawson, a kindergartner in Jenny's class, silence isn't a choice. Not only shy, the little girl may be mute, and her father, Adam, needs Jenny's help. Determined to give the child a voice, the pair work together while denying their powerful attraction. Besides, what could a cattle rancher and big-city teacher have in common anyway? Besides their love of a five-year-old girl. And the damaging secrets they are both hiding.secrets that are bound to leak out.

Night Owl Reviews Dec, 2011 3.75