Daniel's Dare

Kaitlyn Dow, is celebrating opening weekend of her Bed and Breakfast Inn, and Daniel Rich, her best friend, is there to support her. For fifteen years they've been playing a crazy game of truth or dare, and both have been secretly in love with the other for nearly as long.

For over a year Daniel has been trying to tell her how he feels, but Kaitlyn can't see past her own feelings and thinks he's just playing games. Daniel finally gets desperate and risks everything to make Kaitlyn realize that he loves her, and wants to be more than just her best friend.

Just when Daniel thinks there might be a chance for them, his brother throws a wrench in the cogs, and everything Daniel has worked so hard for comes to a grinding halt. Faced with losing his best-friend, and every dream for the future he's ever had, Daniel must decide if he will risk it all and dare tell the truth.

At just over 22,000 words Daniel's Dare is a short Romantica Novella. This is a quick read and while I didn't truly enjoy the whole truth or dare premises - there was a little too much forced angst - I liked Daniel. He knew what he wanted and he went after it. Kaitlyn got a little frustrating because the thoughts, her POV expressed, were more vocal, yet Daniel did all the work.

Book Blurb for Daniel's Dare

Daniel Rich and Kaitlyn Dow have been friends for fifteen years, and playing an increasingly outlandish game of Truth or Dare for nearly as long. In love with her friend for longer than she'd like to admit, Kaitlyn prefers to hide in the safety of truths she can guide away from embarrassing secrets. While ladies' man Daniel can't help but push Kaitlyn's boundaries with bolder, sexier dares every chance he gets in hopes that he can finally get his friend to notice how he feels.

With her bed-and-breakfast overbooked, the two are forced to spend the night together. Under the twinkle of Christmas lights and the temptation of mistletoe, Daniel is ready to move their relationship to the next level. Kaitlyn suspects he's still playing a game, and resigns herself to a one-night stand. But she'll soon learn that Daniel is willing to risk any dare to get Kaitlyn to see the truth-that they belong together.

Night Owl Reviews Dec, 2011 3.00