Colorado Fireman

Creature Comforts, Harlequin American #1395

Trying to make amends for one tragically fateful night, Fire Fighter Adam O’Malley has always been the guy to run into a situation even other firemen run from. So when he hears a child is still in a burning building he doesn’t hesitate to find the infant. Little did he know he’d be sealing his fate.

Widow Carly Spencer already lost her firefighter husband in the line of duty, so when she came home to learn the babysitter had left her toddler son inside the burning inferno that used to be her apartment building, she feared she’d lost him too. But not only did Adam rescue her son, but the neighbor’s dog, beloved by her children too. And if that wasn’t enough his incredible family enveloped her, rescuing her when she had nowhere else to turn.

Adam finds himself strongly attracted to Carly from the start. He hasn’t wanted to care, or be cared for, since his best friend died at fifteen, so he’s determined to keep his distance. He doesn’t want permanent and a woman with four kids screams permanence. But when Carly is arrested as the serial arsonist threatening Carly, her children and his family’s lives, Adam must come clean about his past, make a stand and find a way to protect those who matter most.

This was a sweet family romance (There’s no sex in ink or implied, though there’s lots of kissing. And the language is clean.) that I’d recommend for all romance readers.

Carly is strong and independent, she can read Adam like a book, and doesn’t hesitate to call him on his issues. Adam runs hot and cold, he reminds me of a marshmallow Peep; Crusty on the outside, soft and gooey on the inside, especially when it comes to kids.

The mystery/suspense is intriguing, but straightforward, it seemed fairly obvious from the beginning who the real suspect was, but the plot was enjoyable.

Night Owl Reviews Mar, 2012 4.00