A SEAL in Wolf's Clothing

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A SEAL in Wolf's Clothing

Heart of the Wolf, #9

Meara Graymere is the Pack Alpha’s twin sister and she’s determined to find a mate while her brother is away on his honeymoon Meara has an ideal of who she wants for a mate and while Finn meets every one of her criteria she discounts him because he’s a SEAL. Yet he sees Meara as no one else does, a person she’s afraid to acknowledge even to herself. And it’s everything she can do to keep from mating with him.

Finn Emerson is Part of Hunter’s SEAL team. When he learns of a hit on a team mates life, he knows it’s somehow tied to a mission gone bad. Knowing Meara is the true target, he heads to California to protect her. When Finn learns that Meara is not only alone but seeking a mate, his animal instincts kick in. While he tells himself that he can’t have a woman like Meara his actions speak far louder. His heart claimed her as his mate long ago, and while his body may realize it his head hasn’t caught up to the rest of him.

With the help of the pack and the team they must ferret out the traitor amongst them before he can destroy what Meara and Finn are only just beginning to discovrer.

This is part of a series, but seems to stand fairly well on its own. While there’s lots of non-intercourse sex to avoid mating the reader has to deduce that sex between two werewolves mates them for life. There’s not a lot of background on how and where the werewolves came from, how they are created or their “societal rules” so it’s not recommended for a first time paranormal reader, however it’s a great suspenseful read if you’re a fan of paranormal romance.

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Book Blurb for A SEAL in Wolf's Clothing

With the ultimate alpha male hero-werewolf Finn Emerson, Navy SEAL-bestselling author Terry Spear ratchets up the heat in the new installment in her hugely popular paranormal romance series.

While her brother is away, Meara Greymere intends to play-she just has to find the right alpha male. But when old friend Finn Emerson arrives, she's horrified he'll tell her brother what she's been up to.

Finn Emerson is on the trail of a murderous gray werewolf and fears his friend's sister is in grave danger. He's just going to have to settle in and keep the sexy woman out of trouble.

Night Owl Reviews Feb, 2012 3.50