A Daddy for Christmas

Social Worker, Charlie St. Claire became a foster parent when she was forced to separate three little boys after their mother overdosed, leaving them without any family other than an absentee father. Charlie falls madly in love with the boys, and decides to adopt them; all she needs is their father's written consent.

Richmond Wolfe is an outdoor guide living off the grid in Alaska - when he and his wife had a falling out she demanded he leave and never try to contact the children again - knowing that she loved her kids dearly he returned home to take his father's place and honored her wishes, no matter how difficult it was to walk away from his children.

When Charlie takes the boys to Alaska to visit their dad for Christmas, and get him to sign the papers, she finds the intensely sexy man nothing what she expected. When Rich is attacked he realizes he can't protect his children and now that he's seen how much Charlie loves them and they love her he realizes she's where they need to be.

But how can Rich let the most amazing thing that's ever happened to him go and how can Charlie just walk away from her soul mate and forget him, especially when his pain over letting his children go haunts her?

This was a combination of a sweet family romance and a mildly-erotic paranormal story. Unfortunately the length was too short to do both arcs justice, leaving no room for the reader to see the relationship development, which was disappointing. I was very intrigued by the premise. Let's face it, there's something truly sexy about an alpha-male, especially when he's a werewolf. And just like their Canis cousins, one can only assume that not only do they mate for life, but that they also seek out mates - like Charlie - who protect the pack's cubs.

Book Blurb for A Daddy for Christmas

Charlie St Claire fell in love with three little boys and decided to give them a home. Richmond Wolfe had a dangerous secret and left to protect his sons. Do-gooder Charlie wanted his kids and now he'd have fight to keep them.

Night Owl Reviews Dec, 2011 3.00