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Length: Novella - Heat Index: Steamy

Vixen is a warrior used to fighting the Rogue vampires. What the heck is she doing in a bridesmaid dress? Well technically she was undercover in the wedding to act as sort of a body guard for the bride. , But still she is a warrior and very tall, to put her in heels and a dress is ludicrous. Unfortunately she looked better in the dress than one of the warrior men so she was the pick for this job. Now if she can just get through the wedding and reception and get out of here she will be good.
Kalen has known Vixen for a long time and never really noticed her for the woman she is, only the warrior she has always been. Now forced to see her in a dress for the wedding he can't believe what a knockout she is. Why didn't he notice this before?
Vixen and Kalen are both vampires and both warriors who fight against the Rogues. How come they never felt this chemistry between them until they were dressed up for their boss's wedding?
As Warriors they fight not only Rogue vampires, but also other paranormal beings such as Pixies who prey on humans. These 2 Warriors, Vixen and Kalen, are great at their jobs but can they find it in them to be great together in a relationship other than work? But when she is kidnapped and he has to fight a Pixie to free her he realizes that he loves her. How did this happen?
Can these 2 find peace with their lives and have a future relationship and make it work? Or will their Warrior status and the nature of their jobs and lives come between them? You will have to read it to find out.

Book Blurb for Vixen

“Whatever else he was, she had to admit he had guts. She wouldn’t want to be shut up in a room with an angry Kyn either. Whilst his pixie heritage might have protected him from being turned into a vampire, it did buggar all to protect him from being dead.”

The only vampire warrioress in existence Vixen has spent most of her life proving herself in a man’s world, but she’s never been able to squash some very feminine thoughts where fellow warrior Kalen is concerned. Kalen however, has sworn off love, preffering to deal in lust instead.

But a passionate encounter blows their carefully constructed indifference to each other and when Vixen is kidnapped will they be prepared to make the ultimate sacrifice to give their love a chance?

Night Owl Reviews Nov, 2008 3.00