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Clara thought it was hard enough being a teenaged girl in high school, at least she had known her friends forever so that was cool at least. Then from out of the blue, what does her mom have to do? She has to go and tell her that her life as she knows it, actually everything as she knows it, is not the truth, or at least not the whole truth. Here not only is she a teenager and having to deal with all that that entails, but now she finds out that she is what they call an angel-blood. Her mom is half angel and she is a quarter angel. Now not only does she get to worry about boys, acne, dances, etc but also she has to worry about not letting anyone know that she is not quite human, can speak all languages (and understand it), and has wings.

Just when she is digesting all of this, she starts having the same dream over and over again, sometimes even when she is awake. What is going on? Her mom has more good news for her, these visions are telling her what her purpose is, her whole purpose for being on this earth. So being that her visions/dreams are about saving a boy from a forest fire and all of the details point to a certain type of tree that is pretty much only in one place, they have to pack up everything, leave all of their friends, and their lives behind and move to a whole different state.

Now she has to go to a new school and make all new friends, friends with people who have known each other their whole lives and she is the outsider. Then as if that wasn’t hard enough, her mom decides they need to dye her hair as the golden blonde is bringing too much of her other worldliness to the surface, so they dye it, and it goes horribly wrong and turns out orange. Great! For the first day of school she will be Bozo.

This book is a wild ride, and very different from any other book I have read about angels. It has some new insights into some amazing possibilities. Definite keeper!

I don’t usually read too many books about angels, but I am definitely glad that I picked up this one. It had a lot of great insights into possibilities that I never really thought of that could really happen as you never know what is really out there. I hope that this author writes more in this genre as I would really love to read some more about these concepts and ideas of hers about the angels, the good, the bad, the lore, etc. This is very interesting reading to say the least. 

Book Blurb for Unearthly

A moving tale of love, fate, and the struggle between following the rules and following your heart.

When Clara Gardner learns she's part angel, her entire life changes. She understands now why she's smarter, stronger, and faster than humans (a word, she realizes, that no longer applies to her), but she also has a purpose, a specific task she was put on this earth to accomplish - one that reveals itself in pieces and involves a mysterious boy, a deadly fire, and a crushing grief.

Night Owl Reviews Feb, 2011 5.00