The Naked Nun

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The Naked Nun

Lisa has a rough childhood after her parents die in an automobile accident, which also killed her Nanny so now she is in the foster system. She adores her foster mother but her foster father is pretty mean. She is sent to a foster home that is a farm so she can keep her pony from her real parents. She can't wait to turn 18 and move out to become a model in New York.

When she is 18 she runs away and is able to get to New York, but as it turns out doesn't become a model. She meets some great people and the love of her life and goes on a wild adventure all over the world. She tries lots of new things that she has never tried or even thought of in her young life. Then tragedy hits again and she loses her love and almost her life and ends up in the Witness Protection Program, and as a nun. Now a new adventure begins…

Can she find happiness after so much tragedy in her young life? Will she ever get over losing her love and her baby?

This book is definitely one that will keep you reading. The author puts a lot into it from romance, to suspense, to adventure and I think a little of everything in between. You definitely have to pick this book up, I am glad that I did.

This author is a pilot and equestrian herself among other things and I think she brought her expertise into this story very well. I was unsure about this book from the title but after reading it, the title sounds perfect. I think I will be looking for other works by this author now that I found her.

Book Blurb for The Naked Nun

Steamy romantic suspensful mystery...

M.E.Gardner's new page turner has it all: good and evil, hot sex and enduring love, violence and tragedy. You'll experience chills and excitement as you're taken on an unbelievable action-packed ride.

Find out what makes the beautiful heroine, Lisa von Bidmont, defy her evil foster father and escape from a Pennsylvania farm to New York City.

Bear witness as Lisa von Bidmont meets billionaire Bill Brenner and they instantly fall in love with each other. Their torrid affair pulls her into a jet-set frenzy of exotic destinations, nude beaches, and an extraordinarily rich lifestyle.

Discover whether good fortune will befall this beauty - or will demonic forces and the Mafia spell the end of her magical love affair.

Learn how catastrophic events bring the FBI and Witness Protection Program into play, suddenly changing Lisa's charmed life into one of solitude and eeriness in a secluded convent shrouded with bizarre mystery.

Night Owl Reviews Apr, 2010 5.00