Spells of the City

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Spells of the City

I liked this book okay. The major problem was just that the stories ended at bad points I think. I wanted to know more. But I guess that is the way with short stories, there seems to be always more to them that is not told.
The thing I liked the most about this book was the stories of Gargoyles. I have been fascinated by Gargoyles since I watched the cartoon that used to be on with the Gargoyle who fell in love with a human and she fell in love with him. They could not be together for obvious reasons but it didn't make them love each other less.
This is a book basically about things that everyone things of as myths, etc. I think after reading this book everyone will look at their crazy next door neighbor, or the cranky old homeless guy who lives in the alley, etc, just a little differently from now on. I know I will, of course I have always had a great imagination and have seen things where others do not so it won't be too much of a difference for me.
This book has some great short stories in it. Some I didn't like so much, but just like everyone some myths you like and others not so much. I don't like things like gremlins, trolls and anything gross, so some stories I liked better than others as I am sure any reader will. But I think all readers will find something that sparks their interest in this book as the stories are spread across the page with their supernatural beings in them. Definitely a book not to miss.

Book Blurb for Spells of the City

Venture into Spells of the City, where a troll may be your toll collector on the George Washington Bridge...Harry the Book will be happy to place your best in a spellbinding alternative New York...a gargoyle finds himself left to a lonely rooftop existence when he's forced to live by his creator's rules...and leprechauns must become bank robbers to keep up with the demand for their gold.

Night Owl Reviews Jan, 2010 3.25