Soul Of Fire

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Soul Of Fire

Peter Farewell had his own problems being a were and a dragon at that, he didn't need any more complications. But when he saw a young woman about to fall to her death off a high balcony, he couldn't resist saving her and being her knight, err…dragon in shining armor.
Sofie Warington was fleeing from an arranged marriage to a were Tiger, the king, who made her skin crawl. She climbed up onto the balcony as she was cornered and had nowhere else to go. All of a sudden she was falling and landed on, of all things, the back of a dragon complete with scales and wings.
Peter decides that he is responsible for her since he saved her, so he decides to help her get to her fiancee, not the Tiger, safe and sound. So these 2 unlikely people find themselves traveling together across a treacherous desert, fighting off were tigers, and also having help with the were monkeys all to save a ruby that is Sofie's dowry, unbeknown to her as the Soul of Fire, from the hands of the were tigers who want to rule the magical world.
I recommend this book to anyone interested in a book full of mystery, suspense, paranormal, and a little romance thrown in for good measure. This book has it all. It is a real page-turner. This is a book you will have a hard time putting down, so plenty of late nights ahead

Book Blurb for Soul Of Fire

Filled with adventure and danger, intrigue and romance, this thrilling new fantasy from Sarah Hoyt follows the quest for a rare treasure—by a man of rare breed—in a magical Victorian British Empire that never was….

British gentleman and were-dragon Peter Farewell has embarked on a daunting task: to recover the Soul of Fire, a magical ruby said to lie at the heart of British-controlled India. But finding one stone in the heart of a land simmering on the cusp of rebellion, and rife with hostile magics, seems an impossible task—until Peter saves the life of a young virgin fleeing a distasteful arranged marriage. For unknown to Sofie Warington, the flawed gem that is all that is left of her dowry is the very one Peter has been seeking. And if Peter can keep her safe from the sinister factions desperate to gain control of both Sofie and her dowry, he will find more than a jewel; he will find his heart’s destiny.

Night Owl Reviews Jul, 2008 3.50