Scratching Post

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Scratching Post

Emmie and Theron were alley cats and loners. They didn't want to be housebroken. They were happy with their why did fate have to send them a curve ball? To shake things up a bit?

From the moment that Emmie walked into the bar to pick up a guy to satisfy her for her heat cycle and Theron caught her in heat..he was hooked.

He follows her scent to a small town she calls home and comes face to face with her. Emmie doesn't trust him because her mom always told her about the Tom they screw you and leave you with the mess. Toms were not good for hanging around. So why doesn't Theron leave now that they have screwed each other silly? Why is he hanging around? What does he want?

What was wrong with him. He was never the type of guy to be in a relationship--he was a love them and leave them all Tom why can't he force himself to leave her?

Could it be he wants her as his mate?....Never! Not him.

Now they have both scented another shifter and Emmie's neighbor gets attacked in her home by what appears to be a wild animal...big cat?

What is going on in this small town and why can't Emmie and Theron get each other out of their systems? You'll have to read on to find out.

I really loved this book, as I am a sucker for big cats anyway. I am definitely recommending this book to others and going to keep an eye out for more books from this author. Her characters are strong and the suspense keeps you reading long into the night. This is on my keeper shelf. Anyone who loves paranormal romance, or even a good suspense with romance should definitely read this one---it is not to be missed!

Book Blurb for Scratching Post

Genre: Shape-shifter Paranormal

Length: Novel Plus

The black panther shifter Theron was dangerous. He was everything Emmie had been warned about. He oozed sex appeal and walked into her world with only one purpose. To mate with Emmie and then walk out of her life for good.

She knew better than to become his scratching post.

Touching him. Kissing him. Dreaming about him. It was all wrong. So why couldn't she shut him out of her mind? Or out of her heart?

Bad enough that he followed her from the city, but now Theron claimed he wanted to get to know her better. Perhaps even find a way to become a part of her life. No, this wasn't happening to her. She wasn't about to repeat history. No matter how his kisses set her alight, or set her body into a spiral of desire.

Feline shifters were dangerous, and Emmie wanted no part of him. Or did she?

Publisher's Note: This book contains explicit sexual content, graphic language, and situations that some readers may find objectionable: Bondage (mild), Domination/submission, dubious consent, masturbation, violence, voyeurism.

Night Owl Reviews Mar, 2008 5.00