Jane Was Here

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Jane Was Here

“Jane” is really a woman named something else entirely. She is a woman who for her whole life has had autism and her parents had her in an asylum as they didn’t know what else to do with her. A woman who never has spoken a word her whole life, 2-+ years, then one day, she just “wakes up” and has this whole other personality, whole other life that she is remembering in bits and pieces.

She shows up in this small town that in this life she has never been before, but she remembers it as home. She meets a man named Brett who is renting a house that she claims is hers and she was born there, even though he is renting from a Reverend and has never heard of anyone by the name of Jane.

Right from the get go she just doesn’t act right, just walking into people’s houses if they were not locked and taking food that she needed to keep up her daily walks around town, a town that is coming back to her slowly then faster and faster. She starts remembering her past life here, how she was so in love with a very religious man, a man whom she plans to run away with to join his religious group. Even though they love each other they are to remain chaste, as that is the way of this religious group. You must be untouched to be able to be holy and become an angel.

One problem after another surfaces to tear them apart, and finally it is another suitor who wants Jane’s hand in marriage. She turns him down as she already loves another, although she can’t tell him who. Her sister betrays her and shows this suitor all of her secret letters that she has been sending to her love and he back to her. She is so betrayed and by someone so close to her, she can’t believe it.

Back in the real world Jane eventually finds a stone wall that she remembers from her past that will lead her to a place that her and her past love would meet secretly, they called it Eden. She finally makes her way there and starts digging a big hole, she finds a satchel with all of these crumbling letters in it. The letters from her past that her past self-wrote to her love and he to her. Now she has an unswerving urge that she has to keep digging, but she ends up finding a huge rock in the hole, bigger than what she can move herself.

All the while that “Jane” is remembering herself, there is something strange going on to some of the townsfolk as well, some of them are starting to exhibit signs of a past life as well, and a past life that is intertwined with Jane’s. From there the mystery really unravels.

Anything Else:

This book took me a while to get into. It was a little hard to follow, but probably about halfway through it just started picking up the pace and then sucked me in and what a ride! I am not sure I wholeheartedly believe in past lives, but I am sure that anything is possible. This was one wild story from beginning to end. The only thing I would change would have been sucking the reader in quicker. I like a book that sucks me in quickly. If I wasn’t reading this book to review it, I don’t think I would have ever finished it because it didn’t keep my interest at the beginning very well. Other than that, it was a great read and I am glad I did finish it.

Book Blurb for Jane Was Here

JANE WAS HERE is a suspense story which brings reincarnation, karma, and the paranormal into the mix. What if someone was born with a fragmentary memory of a life before, and refuses to adjust to their new identity? What if she is driven instead to find the rest of those memories so that she can know what happened to her 150 years ago when she mysteriously disappeared?A young woman arrives in the small rundown community of Graynier, Massachusetts. She calls herself Jane, though she was christened by another name. She can point out the house where she grew up, and yet she has never been to Graynier in her life. Thus begins Jane's mission, to retrieve the puzzle pieces of a former life, groping her way through the past and the present simultaneously.

The inhabitants of Graynier are unwittingly drawn into the mystery, as it becomes clear: someone must pay in the present for what happened in the past. For somewhere in this town is her killer, who also has come back incarnated as a different person.

Will Jane meet the same fate as she did in the other time? Or will divine justice be served?

Night Owl Reviews Jan, 2012 3.75