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Tia is just an average person, living an average life. She has a good job during the day and then she volunteers at a soup kitchen to help out the less fortunate. She doesn't do it for praise, etc., she just likes to help out. So with her average life why did it seem that she always attracted the nut cases? First she has 2 guys from the soup kitchen who try to rape and murder her and now, now of all things a newcomer to the soup kitchen tells her that he is a God. What is up with this world? Did she look so innocent and gullible that she would believe anything that was told to her? Come on a God? Really where do these people come from?

Of course he doesn't eat food, he looks like he needs a good meal, and he is always colder than he should be. Maybe he was a vampire? Surely if her imagination was going to go haywire and conjure up stuff it would be able to do better than he was a God. For goodness sake he was a homeless person, who had had some unfortunate luck and now was having delusions. Yeah, that was it. It had to be that, nothing else really made sense. So why in the back of her mind does she want to believe him? It seems like calamities followed her like her shadow and he was always rescuing her. Was he behind the calamities? Or were they just some cosmic thing and he really was trying to help her?

 When he shows her a tiny burning bush to prove to her that he is a God, she looks for the hidden cameras confident this has to be a setup for some new TV show or something. Things like this didn't happen in real life, did they?

Ewan being a God didn't get satisfied from food. He needed more, a lot more. To feed his "hunger" he needed to be worshiped again, and not just by anyone, by someone with as much faith as Tia. He had to convince her to worship him and give him all she had, but how? She already thought he was a loon because he claimed to be a God, so how in the world was he going to convince her? All he knew is that he had to or he was going to be lost. Times had changed and other Gods like himself were no longer worshiped or very little nowadays. He needed some way to make her believe in him.

They go on a wild ride through different meetings where things are not always as they seem. So will it turn out that Ewan is really a God from long ago trying to get his power back? Or will it turn out that Ewan is just a homeless person who is delusional? Or is Tia having a nervous breakdown and imaging all of it? You will have to read this one to find out. A definite page-turner and will keep you guessing the whole way through.  Not one to miss!

Book Blurb for Hunger

Ewan drops into Tia Burns's life like Lucifer falling from the skys. His eyes hold ancient secrets, and from the moment he arrives, she's constantly under threat. Her girlfriend guesses he's a vampire, a creature of the night. Ewan isn't a vampire--exactly. But he hungers for Tia in a way she can't understand, won't accept, yet finds herself unable to resist.

Ancient beyond human imagining, Ewan has never needed anyone before, especially not one small woman. For the first time in his existance, he needs Tia. If he can win her, gain her worship, feed off of her strength, he may yet overthrow the bonds put on him over two thousand years earlier. Ewan calls himself a god--but he's a kind of god Tia has never imagined. Her straightforward beliefs hold no place for anyone like him, yet she can't deny the sense of compulsion that draws them together.

Night Owl Reviews Dec, 2008 4.00