Eat Prey Love

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Eat Prey Love

Love at Stake Book #9

Carlos is looking for a bride. A mother for his adopted children. One who is a shapeshifter like him. His is a dying race and they are almost extinct so he has to keep the race alive, so mortal women need not apply.

Caitlyn is not looking for a husband, mate, or even a lover as she is too caught up in all the new things going on in her life, like finding out her sister didn't abandon her like she thought, and also that her sister is married to a vampire and has children with special abilities. Vampires, who would have thought that they were real??? So if vamps, were animals and shapeshifters are real then how about the tooth fairy? Santa Clause? She is on information overload, but then she takes one look at Carlos and there is instant chemistry. What makes him so special that she can't just ignore her attraction to him?

Carlos fights his attraction to Caitlyn as not only is her father against anything supernatural, but she is mortal and can't help Carlos to save his dying species. If this relationship is so wrong, then how come it feels so right?

Can Carlos and Caitlyn have a future together, that may be unusual but at least would be satisfying to both of them? Or will they let their minds rule their hearts and just keep thinking of all the reasons these two shouldn't be together? You will have to read to find out.

I loved this book. You should always follow your heart as I think it is smarter than the brain sometimes.

Book Blurb for Eat Prey Love

Carlos Panterra must find a were-panther woman for his mate. Take a journey with him across the world as he stalks his prey…and hopes for love.

Night Owl Reviews Sep, 2010 5.00