Day of the Dragon

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Day of the Dragon

This was a wonderful ride. I loved it from beginning to end. Dr. Madison Dartmoor has found a huge find in an archeological dig, but she didn't know it was big enough for people to try to destroy her work, or kill her for. She finds evidence of a possible alien race that was here a long, long time ago.

Enter Ramsey Gallagher who saves her life.but for his own agenda. He feels that he is related to this alien race that Dr. Dartmoor has found proof of and he wants to know all about her research to try to figure out his roots and his past.

Love wasn't supposed to enter the equation at all, but it had other plans for them. While protecting Dr. Dartmoor from everyone who is trying to destroy her work, or manipulate her for their own means somehow love hit him over the head. Dr. Dartmoor begins to feel the same for him. What can they do? He can't tell her his secret and how can they share a relationship that is not based on truth?

Will the truth set him free? Can he trust her with his secret and not have her running from him in terror and lose her forever? Will she be able to trust him after she finds that he lied to her to begin with just like everyone else in her life?

You will have to pick this book up for yourself to find out. This is a keeper on my shelf and I can't wait for the next one from Rebecca York. Keep them coming!

Book Blurb for Day of the Dragon

Beautiful archaeologist Madison Dartmoor unearths an astonishing find, one of vast importance to a handsome stranger-a man who is not human, and who holds a dangerous secret that may break her heart.

Night Owl Reviews Dec, 2010 5.00