Born of Lies

The Red Ridge Pack Prequel

Born of Lies is an exciting paranormal read that will keep you reading page after page. It has suspense, romance, jealousy, love and of course the paranormal. Marcus is a strong Alpha in the making, but he has his hands tied by what he has been taught is his duties to his pack and what his heart feels and wants. He knows what is best for the pack and what is expected of him, but he also knows what he wants and it is not always one and the same. Lily is young and impressionable and thinks that she loves Marcus and that he loves her in return. They are to rule the pack together.

This story has strong characters and a really good plot. It has just enough dialogue and what it has moves the story along at a nice pace.

Marcus and Lily are to be married, for the good of the pack, but they are having their doubts, especially Lily. So Lily decides to get away from the pack for a night and go to a festival with a friend and hear some music to try to get her mind off of all of her problems. While at this festival she meets a musician that she seems to have a connection with. Now she can't get this new person off of her mind and can't stop thinking about him and what could have been. She is planning a wedding to Marcus and lusting after another man. She decides to leave the pack to be with the man she loves, but then finds out she is pregnant with Marcus' baby and that makes for an interesting story.

Born of Lies is a prequel but can be read alone.

Book Blurb for Born of Lies

The world changed for Lillian Michaels the day Marcus chose her. Gorgeous, strong fierce…and soon he would be alpha of her werewolf pack. But then the marriage was set. No choice. No looking back. Except, she did. Lillian started looking forward, too, and wondering if eighteen was too young to give away her life.

Certainly, it is tonight. A rock concert. She and her friend, intoxicating music, sweat, bodies, freedom…and him: Paul. The human bassist’s touch makes her soul sing like the strings of his axe, and everything is possible. Yet, Lillian’s parents, her secrets, her entire world lies elsewhere. Paul doesn’t even see what she is, what she can do. What she must do. This to-die-for human is not of her kind. And yet, something special, something terrifyingly perfect, something eternally true has been…born of lies.

Night Owl Reviews Aug, 2014 4.50