A Christmas Hope

A Christmas Hope is a very well written story and the author, Joseph Pittman, really knows how to set a scene and pull you in. Reading this book has made me want to read the other stories about Linden Corners.

I have never seen a windmill in my life, but with reading this story and the descriptive prose of the author I feel that I have experienced this wonderful structure for myself.

This is a holiday story and very heartwarming for multiple generations, not just one age group. It is a wonderful story of an elderly man who has come back to a childhood place to find something from his past. A Christmas Hope also shows us the lives of some younger people who are struggling with their own life circumstances and trying to make a life for their children. Above all else, this story shows how lives in a small town intertwine and create some very fun and surprising adventures. All of this combined with the backdrop of the glorious windmill showcased the town and people splendidly.

I would definitely recommend this book to anyone. This is not my normal kind of book to read, but I am really glad something told me to give it a try. I will definitely look for the other stories of Linden Corners.

Book Blurb for A Christmas Hope

One final Christmas wish could change their lives forever…

Nora Connor Rainer has returned to her hometown, Linden Corners, to tend to her elderly but spunky pie-baking mother—and to nurse a broken heart. To keep busy, Nora opens “The Downstairs Attic,” a consignment shop where locals can unload their unwanted heirlooms. And the upcoming holidays are bringing a host of interesting objects—and people—through her doors.

Jonathan Parker is on a mission to grant a special Christmas wish. With his father, Nelson, in poor health, he sets out to find a rare vintage edition of The Night Before Christmas, which Nelson’s mother had read to him as a child. And as Nelson’s condition worsens, it’s a race against time to create the perfect Christmas for everyone.

Brought to Linden Corners by heartache, Nora and Jonathan are both overwhelmed by loss and loneliness. But as they unite to track down the antique book, their search just might lead them to unexpected new beginnings—and a Christmas that will restore their hope, and fulfill their deepest wishes…

Night Owl Reviews Nov, 2012 5.00