My Darling Druid

Garland of Druids 2

What a wonderful story!

At the end of her parents story, we get a brief introduction to Vivie and her twin sister Katie, so I had looked forward to reading Vivie's story and will look forward, hopefully so getting Katie's story in the future.

Vivie has been taught Druid medicine growing up, by her grandmother Vivienne, who she has been named for and she is interested in learning to be a nurse in the traditional sense so she can use the 2 skills together for her patients.

While she is attending nursing school, she meets Dr Stratton. He doesn't believe there is any such thing as healing with Druid abilities. So goes their story. They both are keeping secrets from each other, and when Vivie's secret is exposed, Dr Stratton is livid and has nothing more to do with her. Both can't get the other out of their minds because they really and truly love each other. At one point Vivie becomes extremely ill and Dr Stratton must decide what is more important; his feelings of betrayal, or his love for Vivie.

This is a well written story that keeps you turning the pages.

Book Blurb for My Darling Druid

Dr. Alec Stratton, a cold disciplinarian, can't believe one of his nurses is bringing her Druid medicines into his hospital. Vivie Field, Druid daughter of Lord Lance and Morgan Dellafield, shortened her name to avoid favoritism. She's the granddaughter of the ducal couple supporting Dr. Stratton's children's wing.

Alec refuses to believe in her Druid powers but can't overcome his desire for her Celtic beauty. When the sexual attraction between them grows, he warns her off. He confesses he wants a rich society wife to help him establish a wealthy practice. But when Alec discovers he's rejected a rich and aristocratic Vivie he reacts with horror, blaming her for not confiding the truth.

Vivie opens a clinic offering both Druid and conventional medicine, with her talents devoted to her patients. Another doctor assists her there and falls in love with her. Then Vivie's life is threatened.

Night Owl Reviews Jun, 2010 4.00