Kiss of A Druid Bard

Garland of Druids 4

We first met Dr. Stephen Lovernios in My Darling Druid, which is Vivie Dellafield's story. He worked in her clinic and fell in love with her. Vivie falls in love with Dr. Alec Stratton, which breaks Stephens heart, sending him on a walking tour or Brittany as a bard. This book begins with Stephen rescuing a little girl from getting run over by a motorcar, and consequently meets Mairey Bronwyn. 

I really liked this book. The only thing I questioned was Stephen leaving to go exploring the countryside, knowing there is a very bad person out to seriously injure or kill Mairey. Through many trials and tribulations, everything is set right. I also liked the side story of Maireys' brother Phillip and his soon to be sweetheart. I'm hoping that this isn't the last of the Druid series as I've overall very much enjoyed them.

Book Blurb for Kiss of A Druid Bard

Dr. Stephen Lavornios, disappointed in love, sets out to walk away his sorrow and rediscover his Druid roots. He travels through Brittany singing for his supper as a Druid bard. In this land of ancient Druid legends and artifacts he sees his first aura. Although in the beginning he is incredulous, the rosy glow surrounding Mairey Bronwyn forces him to acknowledge his inherent Druid powers. Mairey, a beautiful young archeologist, does not believe in nonsense such as seeing visions and auras as Stephen claims. But as his power grows, so does their fiery attraction for each other.

Mairey's young niece Bethan captures Stephen's heart. He intervenes once when a perverted villain threatens Mairey. And when the villain kidnaps Mairey and Bethan, Stephen is the only one who might possibly find and save them. Have his Druid powers developed enough to perform this miracle? Or will he fail with the true love of his life?

Night Owl Reviews Aug, 2010 4.50