Water to Burn

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Water to Burn

Nola O'Grady, #2

Water to Burn by Katharine Kerr is the second in the Nola O'Grady series. It is an urban fantasy/paranormal romance mix. It has Nola (who possesses oracular and clairvoyant psychic skills) now heading the super-secret Agency's San Francisco office after the events in the first book, License to Ensorcell. On top of trying to set up "shop", she now has to deal with Chaos spies and the assignment of Interpol Agent Ari Nathan who is to keep an eye out on her as well as help her when needed (and just so happens to Nola's boyfriend). Not only do the two need to learn how to live together, but also work together. And the author never lets you forget that Ari's focus is still on serving Israel's best interest. Now the two must also find out how a Master of Chaos is using water to kill, which puts a target on Nola's back for being his next victim.

This is the type of story that works best for those who like having a strong female lead who also has a "quirky" family with its own secrets. Plus has a love interest who might have to choose between her and his job one day. The story starts pretty quickly as Nola hunts for the Chaos Master and a subplot regarding her supernatural talented family and finishes quickly. It is an easy read with a mix of mystery, politics, and paranormal romance. I would give it three stars and recommend for those who love having a bit more romance and family issues in their urban fantasy series.

Book Blurb for Water to Burn

Nola's the new head of the San Francisco brand of the Agency, the psychic organization so secret that even the CIA doesn't know it exists. What's more, for some mysterious reason, Interpol has assigned her lover, Israeli secret agent Ari Nathan, to her new bureau as her permanent "bodyguard."

But everywhere she looks she sees a Chaos manifestation spying on her. Inexplicable "rogue waves" are sweeping innocents to a watery death before she can save them. She has two increasingly dangerous searches on hand, for Reb Ezekiel, the supposedly dead prophet from Ari's past, and for the mysterious "Brother Belial," head of the Chaos cult they had managed to take down.

To top it off, her brother Michael is dragging Nola and Ari into his attempt to rescue his girlfriend from a radioactive alternate dimension.

How is Nola supposed to serve the forces of Harmony and maintain the balance between Chaos and Order when she can't even keep her own family under control?

Night Owl Reviews Aug, 2011 3.00