The Queen of Sinister

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The Queen of Sinister

Dark Age Book 2

The Dark Age: The Queen of Sinister by Mark Chadbourn continues the story from The Devil In Green returning to the post apocalyptic England where a terrible plague forces a doctor to seek a cure in the Celtic Otherworld. Not only is the doctor in a race against time to find the cure, but she has to deal with her burden of having five distinct personalities and one may not be human.

This story is a nice continuation of the story arc begun with The Dark Age: The Devil in Green where the humans are trying to recreate human civilization and survive in a world with paranormal creatures and gods. I recommend this for readers who enjoy strong futuristic fantasy with a strong dose of Celtic or pagan elements and give it 3 stars.

Book Blurb for The Queen of Sinister

After the Age of Misrule comes the Dark Age!

A new Dark Age has falled across Britain. With the sudden return of magic, our modern, technological society has crumbled. Cities lie in ruins, communications are limited. Gods and monsters walk the land. In this new time, myth and legend has become realtity; nothing is quite as it seems.

The plague came without warning. Nothing could stop its progress: not medicines, not prayer. The first sign of the disease is black spots at the base of the fingers; an agonizing death quickly follows. But this is no ordinary disease....

Caitlin Shepherd, a lowly GP, is allowed to cross the veil into the mystical Celtic Otherworld in search of a cure; her search takes her on a quest to the end of a land of dreams and nightmares to petition the gods. Caitlin is humanity's last hope, but she carries a terrible burden: a consciousness shattered into five distinct personalities ... and one of them may not be human. The Queen of Sinister is the latest installment in Mark Chadbourn's brilliant new sequence: exciting, evocative, terrifying, and awe inspiring.

Night Owl Reviews Jun, 2010 3.00