The Devil in Green

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The Devil in Green

Dark Age Book 1

The Devil In Green: Dark Age book 1 by Mark Chadbourn is a fantasy novel that focus on what would happen if all the old rules regarding the Christian Church no longer work in a world where the old gods have re-awakened.

Mallory, a knight of the Templar is on a mission for the Church. On the way he finds himself in a court of the Otherworld and learns of his new destiny to help restore the balance of our world.

The book has an interesting blend of dark fantasy, romance and the clash of ideas. It's a great read for those who enjoy a more pagan or Celtic feel to their fantasy where humanity is stripped of their normal bedrocks of belief and left to figure out how to survive among more powerful beings.

Book Blurb for The Devil in Green

After the Age of Misrule comes the Dark Age!

Humanity has emerged, blinking, from the Age of Misrule into a world substantially changed: cities lie devasted, communications are limited, anarchy rages across the land. Society has been thrown into a new Dark Age where superstition holds sway.

The Tuatha De Danaan roam the land once more, their terrible powers dwarfing anything mortals have to offer. And in their wake come all the creatures of myth and legend, no longer confined to the shadows.

Fighting to find their place in this new world, the last remnants of the Christian Church call for a group of heroes: a new Knights Templar to guard the priesthood as they set out on their quest for souls. But as everything begins to fall apart, the Knights begin to realize their only hope is to call on the pagan gods of Celtic myth for help....

Night Owl Reviews May, 2010 4.00