Element Zero

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Element Zero

Revivors Series, #3

Element Zero by James Knapp is the third and what appears to be the final book in the Revivors series. A complicated and fascinating science fiction series that questions what you are willing to do to gain a better life or other benefits by allowing the military to reanimate your corpse to serve. After the previous installments in this series, the technological reanimated corpses are frontline soldiers engaged in a war. Agent Nico had uncovered a conspiracy that allowed the scientist who developed the technology for the revivors to control them beyond the grave. The scientist has now infected thousands of humans with the technology that will force them to obey his every command. It will be a new living army that might represent humanity's future. Nico discovers new threats to the city that the scientist has released.

The key to this series is how everyone is forced to make hard decisions. Everyone has an agenda and now they have to deal with the consequence of their actions and decide on whether that goal was worth the price. It has a good story with plenty of suspense and lots of action. I give it four out of five stars. The Revivors series is a memorable series that showcases a new twist on "zombies" and highlights the good and bad of humanity.

Book Blurb for Element Zero

Technologically reanimated corpses are frontline soldiers engaged in a neverending war. Agent Nico Wachalowski uncovered a conspiracy that allowed Samuel Fawkes, the scientist who created them, to control them beyond the grave. And now Fawkes has infected untold thousands with new technology, creating an undetectable army that will obey his every command-a living army that just might represent the future of humanity...

Night Owl Reviews Aug, 2011 4.00