Blood Prophecy

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Blood Prophecy

Blood Prophecy by Stefan Petrucha is a horror paranormal historical.

Jeremiah’s family encounters an undead like creature that transforms his family into vampires. Jeremiah survives the next 150 years while he travels from Massachusetts Bay Colony to Egypt to the birthplace of humans in his quest to learn how to cure or save himself from his vampire nature. When he comes across a possible cure, he also comes across a woman he starts to love, but will the cure turn out to be worse than his disease?

The story has some great ideas with the possible cure and what it could unleash, but gets a tad repetitive at times. The theme of an obsessive vampire willing to do anything to regain his humanity is very familiar, but is still an enjoyable read. Recommend for fans of old school type vampires that brood and don’t enjoy being what they are.

I give it three stars.

Book Blurb for Blood Prophecy

Man and monster are in his blood. . .

His name is Jeremiah Fall. A soldier of fortune, he has been fighting his own war for 150 years--ever since the beast in him was born.

Desperate to restore his lost humanity, Fall crosses the sands of Egypt, discovers a lost city off the coast of France, and finally arrives at the birthplace of all mankind. Shunning daylight and feeding only when he must, he battles the monster who transformed him forever. He can share his deepest secret with no one . . . not even the beautiful woman he starts to love, the only human who grasps the mysteries of an ebony stone as old as creation itself.

Across the world, across time, Fall seeks the stone's secret. But has he found a cure for himself or unleashed a final curse on all mankind?

Night Owl Reviews Dec, 2010 3.00