Wicked Temptations

Fallen, #2

In case you weren't aware, Heaven and Hell are at war and the human realm is stuck in the middle. Lucifer and God try to outwit each other in their game of cat and mouse, using whatever tools are at their disposal. For Lucifer, it's planting traitors amongst the angels to try to ferret out information. For God, it's trying to redeem those souls who can help his side in the war.

Boden, first Lieutenant of Lucifer, has been kidnapped as he's been deemed as someone whose soul could be saved. Enter Reaper, Anna. She's been tasked to train Boden and see if he truly can be turned.

While Boden and Anna at first have a tad bit of animosity towards each other, that is nothing compared to the attraction they both feel towards each other. At first they try to save they are using each other purely for sex, but soon that becomes something more.

This was enjoyable, but did seem a little rushed towards the end as we get to Boden's faith restoration, Lucifer's deception and the angel's plan to turn the tables. However, don't let that steer you away from the story. It was an excellent lesson in one man's redemption when he thought all hope was lost.

Book Blurb for Wicked Temptations

Boden has been Lucifer’s right hand man for the past two centuries. So the last thing he expects when he’s kidnapped during a battle with angels is a shot at redemption. Assigned to a reaper named Anna he’s whisked off to a secluded training center. The blonde pixie makes his libido spiral out of control, and if he’s not careful she may awaken the humanity he thought lost.

Anna is unable to resist the dark temptation that is Boden, and she succumbs to a passion that threatens to consume her. Now what was once a mission has become a battle for the soul of the man she loves. Can she save him, or will she be forced to watch him walk back into hell?

Night Owl Reviews Feb, 2012 3.50