Unforgiven is about coming home, fighting the demons that drove you away and living life. Anne Calhoun does a great job of creating two characters that you will equally enjoy and be absolutely frustrated with. Both Adam and Marissa have to learn about forgiving others and themselves before they can move forward to be the people they were meant to be. The characters can be frustrating in their stubbornness and need to hold onto things from the past, but with some thoughtful words and self-reflection, Adam and Marissa finally got it right.

When Adam Collins returns to Walkers Ford, South Dakota, he had an agenda of things he needed to do. He didn’t expect Marissa Brooks to be the one kink that would throw off all his plans.

Marissa is downing under the legacy of her family and the need to prove she wasn’t just “one of those Brooks” that chances after a dream while losing everything they had. But when Adam comes back to town, he makes her realize that her dreams are just as important, if she just had the courage to reach for them.

Neither of them could deny what sparked between them. Can they help each other fight their demons and find their way back to each?

Book Blurb for Unforgiven

For as long as he could remember, he wanted her?

Raised by a single mother, Adam Collins resolved to take no chances with a girl’s future?or his own. That’s why, as hard as it was, he resisted everything he felt for Marissa Brooks. Then one night a reckless challenge left a fellow student dead and changed both their lives forever. As penance, Adam took the boy’s place in the Marines, where he could disappear into discipline and duty, and left Marissa behind to struggle with her dreams.

Twelve years later, Adam is back in Walkers Ford to serve as the best man in his friend’s wedding. The years haven’t diminished the electric connection he has with Marissa. But Adam’s mistake continues to haunt him, and Marissa is stumbling under the weight of her family’s legacy. Together they wrestle with demons and dreams, but if there’s any hope for a future together Adam has to not only find a way to forgive himself, but also ask others for forgiveness?especially from the woman whose heart he broke.

Night Owl Reviews Jun, 2013 3.50