The Virgin and the Playboy

1 Night Stand Series

Julia Hooper, in a quest to lose her virginity, hands over her credit card number to and flies off to Vegas. Her hope, the playboy type that she requested will do the deed and she'll be able to get on with her life (although I'm not quite sure how her virginity is holding her back).

Mark is a renowned playboy amongst his married friends. Over a night of drinking beer, they challenged him to sign up or 1NightStand. He accepted the challenge, but didn't really want to participate. But a challenge is a challenge and he figures he can muscle his way through the night and then be on his way, a good story in hand.

The story was a very quick read (30+ pages), but you did get insight into both characters very quickly. Mark, who appeared to be tiring of the reputation he helped perpetuate, seemed to finally understand what all his married friends saw in their night is never enough when it's the right person.

Julia got what she wanted out of her night, but she gained a level of sophistication she felt was missing when she was still a virgin (again, something I still didn't understand).

If you're new to erotica or trying it out for the first time, this would be a good one to start with.

Book Blurb for The Virgin and the Playboy

Julie, accidental virgin, has waited longer than she ever planned to lose her virginity and join everyone else she knows in dating reality. Embarrassed at her plight, she has made arrangements with to meet with a handsome stranger for one night of no commitment required sexuality, without having to admit she'd never made love before.

Mark is the one single guy left in his group of friends. As such, he is known for the bevy of lovelies he dates, and his stories of wild exploits between the sheets. His participation in is on a dare, and he has no idea that his date is...less experienced than he is used to. And so much more...

When they enter the penthouse suite in Las Vegas, they enter a chamber designed for luxury and booked for a 1NightStand.

Night Owl Reviews Jun, 2011 3.25