The Tattooed Duke

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The Tattooed Duke

Writing Girls

Sebastian Digby, Duke of Wycliff has spent the past ten years traipsing around the globe studying new cultures and customs of those indigenous to wherever he many land. He's loved every minute of it and wouldn't trade his way of life for anything else. But when he learns his father has passed, he ventures home to London and soon finds himself the latest scandalous attraction for the ton. While Sebastian knows his family name is covered with scandal, he's determined to show he is more than just a name, even if he is drawn to his family’s weakness...his new maid.

Eliza Fielding is used to going undercover to get what she needs for whatever story she's working on. So posing as a maid within the Duke of Wycliff's home shouldn't be a stretch for her. But she soon finds herself unable to resist the draw to Sebastian and the tails of his travel or the knowledge he's collected along the way. She sees him for so much more than the Tattooed Duke (a name which she penned for him) to the depth of a man who is just as worthy as any other male in the ton.

I truly liked Sebastian and Eliza, when the story was focused on just the two of them. The sparks practically leapt off the page with the attraction they tried so hard to fight. Sebastian didn't want to be like his forefathers and "tup" the maid, while Eliza knew she was lying about who she was and was guilt ridden by what his words had done to Sebastian. You could feel how each of them was being eaten alive by trying to do the right thing. And when it all came crashing down around them in spectacular fashion, you could feel their anguish as well.

This is another entertaining installment for the Writing Girls. We can only hope that poor Annabelle can find someone a bit more worthy than Mr. Knightly in her story.

Book Blurb for The Tattooed Duke

Maya Rodale's wonderfully witty Writing Girls series is a winner!ÿ Her third delectable love story to feature a plucky Regency heroine with a pen, The Tattooed Duke follows a scandal sheet reporter posing as a common housemaid in order to uncover whatever nasty little skeletons an adventure-seeking Duke may be hiding in his closets-only to fall in passionate love with the nobleman whose secrets she's been exposing to the world! The Tattooed Duke is deliciously fun historical romance fiction in the vein of Laura Lee Guhrke and Suzanne Enoch, and no true romance fan will want to write it off!

Night Owl Reviews Feb, 2012 3.50