The Good Daughter

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The Good Daughter

A Brennan Sisters Novel

In THE GOOD DAUGHTER we continue the story of the Brennan sisters, this time focusing on Kit. We get an inside view into the lengths Kit will go to make sure the mother she loves has what she needs, the student she feels protective of is safe and the only man who’s ever made her “feel” gets her all (even if it’s for a little while). Jane Porter gives us a wonderfully crafted, emotional story about discovering just who you are and not being satisfied with just being. It was an absolute pleasure to read and one that will go on my “to read again” list.

I loved Kit and was pulling for her to finally find a man who was willing to give her what she needed and craved. I enjoyed that she fell for a guy who was completely opposite (at least in appearance) to what she thought she wanted. Jude may not have been the best bet on paper, but in the end he was exactly what she needed (even if the confession of his feelings felt a bit rushed).

My only issue with the story surrounded Kit’s memory of an event from when she was five. While she was only just starting to regain those memories, that event was the framework in which every relationship she had with a man as an adult was built. I would have liked to have seen that explored a bit more, especially after she discovers what it is she’s remembering. I’m hoping as we move through the series to Bree’s book, we’ll finally get some closure.


On the cusp of her fortieth birthday, Kit Brennan decides she needs to make some changes. Tired of waiting for the things she wants to drop in her lap, she decides to go after them herself. She fills out the single adoption paperwork and then meets a man who is everything she says she doesn’t want, but can’t seem to stay away from.

Book Blurb for The Good Daughter

Love was given to all, except herself . . . Kit Brennan has always been the most grounded of her sisters. A Catholic school English teacher for seventeen years and a constant giver, her decisions have been sound—just not very satisfying. Her fortieth birthday is right around the corner, causing Kit to consider some wilder notions, like skipping right past the love and marriage to raising a child all by herself . . . A girls’ weekend away is just the reprieve Kit needs from school, Mr. Wrongs, and life-changing decisions. It’s there that she meets a man who’s dangerous; a man who challenges who she thought she was, or rather should be. Kit wants to indulge herself this once, but with one of her students in crisis and the weight of her family’s burdens weighing heavy on her heart, Kit isn’t sure if now is the time to let her own desires take flight . . .

Night Owl Reviews Mar, 2013 4.00