Temptation's Edge

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Temptation's Edge

Mischa Kennon came to Seattle to help her best friend plan her wedding and start a new business venture. What she didn’t expect was to find herself involved in a D/s fling with hot Irishman Connor Galloway. While neither of them was looking for more than right now, they discover they’re unwilling to let go of the other and realize they both want more than they ever imagined.

Eve Berlin takes readers on the emotional journey Mischa Kennon and Conner Galloway travel on their way to building a relationship. Mischa and Connor were most definitely a hot couple who could get it right when the clothes came off, but faltered badly when it came to talking about their emotions and feelings for each other. Their parents past sins and their own jaded view of love and relationships threatened what they were building, no matter how good it was. I liked this story and the emotional depth.

Mischa and Connor both had a need to control every aspect of their lives. When it came to relationships with others, they never entered into anything they couldn’t control and have on their terms. The limits they had set for themselves seemed to fall away when they were together and what mattered most was the two of them. For most people, that would be a joyous occasion, but for Mischa and Connor that meant their carefully constructed walls were crashing down. When they did, it was messy and heartbreaking. In the end that messiness was exactly what they needed to leave the past behind and put faith in themselves and each other to see their relationship through.

Re-Released Review. Originally Reviewed: 10/04/2012 - New Cover / Re-Released Book.

Book Blurb for Temptation's Edge

What happens when you let yourself fall over the edge…and into temptation?

Mischa Kennon isn’t one to take it lying down, at least not until she meets sexy Connor Galloway, a green-eyed Irishman with an air of authority she finds hard to resist. While performing duties as maid of honor to her best friend, Mischa indulges in a casual relationship with Connor. She’s surprised by the thrill of his dominance, and lusts for more feisty battles before surrender.

It’s all fun and games in the BDSM Pleasure Dome Club, until Mischa realizes Connor could master her heart. If she gives in to desire, will it be too much to handle, or will it open her to a kind of love she never thought possible?

* Re-Released Title / New Cover

Night Owl Reviews Oct, 2012 4.00