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The Tangled Series, #3

If you've read any of the Tangled series, then you've met Drew's best friend Matthew. With Drew being so over the top I always wondered how he and Matthew were friends, because Matthew seemed liked such a good guy. After reading TAMED....I understand completely how the two of them are friends.

On a Drew scale of 1-10, Matthew is a 6.5. Some of the things that come out of his mouth make him a carbon copy of his best friend. But what makes Matthew so much different is his willingness to be in a relationship. He'd been in a long term one that didn't work. He jumps from women to women now because he can. But that doesn't mean he isn't looking for "the one". He can be sweet, romantic even, when he wants to...but only if it's with the right person.

Dee Dee is a force to be reckoned with and someone Matthew was attracted to right away. She's over-the-top loud and will speak her mind 100% of the time. But she shied away from relationships, protecting herself from having her heartbroken.

Matthew and Dee Dee together is pretty explosive, but they also have their very sweet moments as Matthew tries to break through Dee Dee's walls. They don't have it easy on their road to HEA (who would with Drew being there to give his advice to Matthew), but they manage to work past Dee Dee’s fears to find a way to make it work.

Emma Chase does a fabulous job of bringing us Matthew and Dee Dee's story. The crassness of these characters often times had me laughing out loud one minute and cringing the next. But it was a story that was full of fun, hot sex and enough emotional times to make this an absolute pleasure to read.

Book Blurb for Tamed

In the third unforgettable book by New York Times bestselling author Emma Chase, Matthew Fisher—the best friend of Drew Evans from Tangled and Twisted—wants to settle down, but he’ll have to overcome the mistrust of the vividly unique Dee Dee Warren. Includes a bonus short story, Holy Frigging Matrimony!

Stop me if you’ve heard this one before: girl meets player, they fall in love, player changes his ways.

It’s a good story. But it’s not our story. Ours is a lot more colorful.

When I met Dee, I knew right away that she was special. When she met me, she thought I was anything but special—I was exactly like every other guy who’d screwed her over and let her down. It took some time to convince her otherwise, but it turns out I can make a convincing argument when sex is at stake.

You might know where this story’s headed. But the best part isn't where we ended up.

It’s how we got there.

Night Owl Reviews Jun, 2014 4.50