Contessa Manoso has always been different, but after managing to almost kill her high school boyfriend, she's felt like even more of an outcast. She craves people's emotions. She likes to feel their highs and their lows, so she goes to concerts where she can bump into people and she feed her hunger.

She's on her way to a concert when she's involved in a car accident that almost kills her. Luckily for her, Samson the Advisor to the Empress of an alien race has crash landed not far from her. He finds her and takes her to one of his kind working as a doctor in a local hospital. While the doctor works on Contessa, he discovers that she's the hybrid they've been hoping will save their race.

The story was interested, but disjointed at time. Samson went from being a very curt, abrasive man with Contessa to stating she was his life mate and being the complete opposite. Given the way Contessa was, I would have expected more of a fight from her at Samson's revelation, but she just went with it and then we fast forwarded six months.

Even with this, the story hooked me in and left me wanting to know what happened in the three months Contessa and Samson had to find more hybrids.

Book Blurb for Sustenance

When Contessa Manoso is in a deadly car crash she wakes up with an incomplete memory filled with images of a silver haired man, which she considers to be the least of her problems. Little did she know she would be taken on a harrowing adventure where she single handedly discovers an alien race, falls in love, and discovers that her entire life has been a lie. But thats just the half of it, she's more concerned about the fact that she keeps ending up in public in her underwear. Life has taken a right turn on the wrong road and she would really like to ditch the bad luck, oh and the weak-in-the-knees feeling Samson gives her.  

Night Owl Reviews Sep, 2011 3.25