Summer Days

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Summer Days

Fool's Gold

Susan Mallery's Fool's Gold series is one that never fails to disappoint me. Each book has just the right mix of humor and emotion to keep a reader engrossed in the happenings of this small fictional California town.

In this latest edition, we're introduced to a new set of siblings who will take front stage in the next set up book. First up is Rafe Stryker. He's a millionaire businessman who has made it his life's mission to stay as far away from Fool's Gold as possible. The small town brings back nothing but bad memories of his poverty stricken childhood. But when he mother calls to tell him she's been swindled out of Castle Ranch, the ranch she thought she bought, he finds himself right back where he doesn't want to be.

Having grown up as part of the traveling carnival her grandfather belonged to, Heidi Simpson has longed for a place to put down roots. She thought she found that place in Castle Ranch. A place where she could raise her goats, make cheese and do all those things she's dreamed of doing. But her grandfather and his scheming get her embroiled in a huge mess that involves the very rich, very handsome and very stubborn Rafe Stryker.

I loved this story. Rafe and Heidi were both individuals who thought they knew exactly what they wanted, but when they stormed into each other’s lives, everything they thought was most important to them changed. As stubborn as they both were, they didn't immediately realize what was important, still hanging onto the threads of what initially brought them together. But once they really took a look at what they were fighting for, they understood they really wanted the same thing. But the path they took to get to that realization gave us, as readers, many laugh out loud moments as well as heartache.

If Rafe and Heidi weren't enough, Susan Mallery continues to add to her wonderful mix of secondary characters. Rafe's mother and Heidi's grandfather will make you smile, the women of Fool's Gold will have you laughing at the lengths they will go to in order to ensure no one messes with one of their own and leave it to Mayor Marsha to set the one's that need it on the right course.

This is truly an enjoyable read with a wonderful leading couple who will have you cheering for them until the last page.

Book Blurb for Summer Days

Locked in an unexpected land dispute, Rafe Stryker is trapped in the one place he vowed never to return to—the Castle Ranch in Fool's Gold, California. He made millions facing ruthless adversaries in the boardroom, but nothing could've prepared him to go head-to-head against stubborn, beautiful Heidi Simpson. No one is more surprised than Rafe to discover that he's finding Heidi—and life as a cowboy—much more compelling than he wants to admit.

For Heidi, the Castle Ranch is the home she's always wanted. After a life on the road, the vivacious blonde has finally put down roots. She won't give that up without a fight, not even for a man whose late-night kisses make her yearn to be a little less…wholesome.

As the two turn from passionate adversaries to passionate, period, they'll discover that summer love can last a lifetime.

Night Owl Reviews Jul, 2012 4.00